Community Action Team

In Spring of 2021 we launched our Community Action Team to help us increase our collective impact in the community. Perhaps now more than ever we’re missing being a part of something bigger than our little Trainyard bubble – why do something alone that we can do together! 

We have some ideas (of course!) for what this will be, but anticipate it evolving as we grow. Below are the basics of what you can expect from The Trainyard Community Action Team, and how to get involved!

What is a Community Action Team? Commonly found in corporate settings it’s basically a core group of committed folks who care about their community and participate in volunteer projects to make it better, brighter, healthier and safer for all. 

Am I welcome? HECK YES YOU ARE! This is for everyone who wants to put a little love back into our community. As projects are confirmed we will share project specifics on accessibility or ages welcome. 

How do I join? Follow along for updates on social media and sign up for our Community Action Team mailing list (no spam, promise!). Some events will be open participation and others may require sign up depending on the size of the project. 

What to expect? We’re hoping to pull together 4 or 5 events this year in partnership with the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission & our community partners. Details are coming soon on specific projects! 

If I sign up do I have to participate in all events? Each is a free-standing event so there’s no expectation to participate in all projects, or any at all. Signing up for the emails doesn’t mean you have committed to participate in any, only that you’re interested in learning more! 

“Team” sounds intimidating? Are you sure I can join? YES! We would absolutely love to have you join the fun, there are no tryouts – we just needed to call this something and “Club” or “Group” didn’t feel right! While we will work as a team on projects, there isn’t a membership application or anything.  If you like the sound of a project we’d love for you to join us! Space for some projects might be limited so watch for event specific details in your inbox. 

Does it cost money? NOPE! Participation is always free! 

Participation is voluntary, please exercise precautions, maintain physical distancing when required, and participate in programs that you are able to complete safely. We will collect contact information for COVID tracing, and emergency contact for the day of events as a precaution. All projects will strictly follow COVID-19 prevention recommendations including masking, social distancing and sanitizing.


Does what is described on this page interest you? Would you like to join our Community Action Team? Sign up to our newsletter below to stay connected with us.