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Just about a year ago today Kimberley sent a message to a former co-worker & graphic designer, Kadeem Hinch, that went something like this, “Hey! So we’re opening a business in about a month, can you design a logo for us ASAP that we can put on tote bags before we open?”

Kadeem was a bit surprised to hear the news (as everyone was!), and asked to meet up. We gave him the rundown on what we thought the Trainyard would be, and described our ideal logo to him. It involved hatched train tracks, and was basically the second coming of our wedding colours,  and would have been hideous. Kadeem asked lots of questions, talked us through the process, and figured out what we were actually looking for. 

In just a few days we had a sample logo in our inbox, and with the tiniest of tweaks Kadeem, had created for us a logo that far exceeded our dreams. He even managed to incorporate a representation of the train tracks we had talked about, without the ugliness we had described. We sent that off for our totebags and stickers and before long it was an integral part of the Trainyard’s identity.

Kadeem was responsive and knowledgable, creating a logo that has grown alongside our business.  We loved working with him, and having a co-conspirator during those first few weeks, when few people knew what we were dreaming of! We would love to chat more about our logo with anyone interested, drop by and let’s chat!

You can learn more about Kadeem and view his portfolio here: https://www.hinchdesign.ca/