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Are you making whimsical, practical or otherwise awesome goods in Canada? We’d love to hear from you! 

We are currently accepting wholesale applications for Fall & Winter 2020. Please review our website and social media before applying to ensure we’re a good fit!  Find us on Instagram and Facebook

Not sure about wholesale? Just hearing the word often scares people off, we understand that! Ultimately it is much more straightforward than consignment – you’re paid upfront for goods rather than waiting until they’ve sold. With the volume of businesses we work with, with staff, two tiny humans and an online storefront, consignment takes more energy and time than we have to give. I’ve made every effort to answer all sorts of wholesale questions (below)- and if you still aren’t sure please reach out to me and we can talk it through. 

While it’s always nice meeting in person, please email applications rather than dropping by the shop with your goods. Your work deserves thoughtful consideration and that is difficult to give in the midst of a busy workday. Email is the best way to reach me (Kimberley) directly. 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Kimberley & The Trainyard Team


Wholesale With The Trainyard – A Few Things You Should Know

Offering Goods For Wholesale FAQ

Please note: To cover our operating costs, our ideal wholesale pricing is 50/50. If that is realistically not possible for your business please explain in your application. Our rent and utilities, packaging, staff costs, breakage & loss & payment processing fees have continued to increase and this pricing allows us to cover these expenses and be adaptable to the continued changes due to COVID-19.



**This is your friendly reminder to tour our website & visit us on social media if you haven’t already before applying! It really matters to us that you are familiar with our business, and that our approach is the right fit for you.

Please email, hello@trainyardstore.com with answers to the following questions, using the email subject line: Maker Application 

Your Name, Business Name & Location:

Brief Description Of Your Goods & What Makes You Awesome:

Tags or Packaging:

Retail & Wholesale Pricing: 

Social Media or Website (If Applicable!): 

Community Connections, Charitable Giving, etc: 

Any Other Shops In Dartmouth or Halifax (HRM) that you work with or have applied to: 

Please attach no more than two photos , include a link to view additional photos if desired. If you have a line sheet, catalog or information sheet available, please attach that as well. 



How do goods work with our current inventory? Past success or requests for similar goods? Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much we love a product line it may not fit with our current inventory or may have proven not to be a product that we can effectively sell, which is ultimately an important part of this for both our businesses.

Are the goods of retail quality? We want your goods to be successful in our shop, if your goods just aren’t ready for life in the shop we will let you know. We can work with you to offer suggestions (if requested!) to help your business grow this year. 

Will the packaging hold up? Is there enough information included? We are committed to reducing packaging whenever possible, but do require goods be tagged with the Makers information before arriving at the store. Materials, care and/or use instructions are encouraged. 

Is the wholesale pricing workable? We are rarely able to accept new goods at a wholesale price less than 50% off the retail pricing. We know margins are tight for everyone, and are open to working with you on solutions (slight price adjustments, bulk orders, carrying only select items, etc) but want to be upfront about the reality.

Are goods being sold elsewhere in Downtown Dartmouth or HRM? There are so many incredible shops in our community, and it benefits no one for us all to carry the same goods. If you’re already working with one of our neighbours in Downtown Dartmouth, or with many retailers in HRM it’s possible we aren’t the right fit. Everyone benefits when we spread the love! 

Are we a good fit? Of all the things we’ve learned in business over the past 4 years, the one that stands out the most is that working relationships have to be the right fit. That is what it comes down to when we’re making these decisions. 


We take time to consider and review each and every application we receive, we know how much courage it can take to put yourself out there! Every effort is made to offer thoughtful responses to all applications received whenever time permits although, it may take us several weeks to review emails. I promise you will get a response and that I will consider all aspects of your application when it’s received. If you’d like specific feedback on the decision please let me know when you apply. 


Still not feeling ready for wholesale? Not sure about retail in general? Have more questions? Want to have a conversation about working with retail stores, packaging, pricing or more before applying? There are monthly opportunities to meet with Kimberley, to share ideas and discuss all things retail. Information on this is coming, but for the time being send an email and we can find a time to make it happen! 



Consignment opportunities are closed indefinitely due to the intense time committment they require and we do not have an estimated time frame for it to return. 

We are unable to accept fine art, photography, large furniture or large signage/decor. 

Jewellery, greeting cards & prints, candles & soap are all well stocked at the moment so it’s possible we won’t have the capacity to bring in additional this year.