Trainyard Connect: Community Giving

What is Trainyard Connect?

Trainyard Connect is our kindness initiative, which allows us to support the amazing work being done in our community by non-profit organizations. We partner with local organizations and support their work through financial donations, social media & in store promotion, community sourced donations, and (in non-Covid times!) in person events & collaborations. 

5% of all profits are donated to our Trainyard Connect Community Partners annually. We also donate a portion of the sale price for many items in store directly to our partners.

We have partnered with over a dozen incredible organizations, and donated over $15,000 to help support their work in our community. These partnerships have led to wonderful conversations about the importance of those organizations, and we have had the chance to see programs in action and meet with those who participate in them.

We are so excited to be in a position to spread even a tiny bit of kindness within our community, and grateful to everyone who has supported us in getting to this point.

Thank you!

Kimberley and Jason

Two people are shown in a food warehouse, with boxes behind. One is holding the word "We" and a red heart in their hand, the other is holding the words"Nova Scotia" in their hands. Both are smiling. The back wall in the photo is green, the first person is wearing a blue shirt and black sweater, the second a denim shirt and khaki pants.
A person in a black t-shirt, reading Hope for Wildlife is shown with a leather glove on their hand. On their hand sits an Owl. Both are looking at the camera. The person is smiling. The owl is brown. The shop is visible in the background.

2021 Community Partners

For 2021 we have committed to year long partnerships with two incredible organizations. Five percent of profits, along with proceeds from Trainyard Connect products will be donated quarterly to The MacPhee Centre For Creative Learning and Business is Jammin’.

We also do our very best to celebrate & support requests for auction donations and to partner with other organizations for community events. 

Past Partners

In June 2017 we launched “Trainyard Connect,” a kindness initiative that allows us to support the amazing work being done in our community by non-profit organizations. Through this we partner with local organizations whose work strengthens our community and support their work through financial support, social media & in store promotion & (in non-Covid times) in person events & collaborations. To date we have donated over $15,000 to our partners as part of Trainyard Connect!

A room full of people wearing aprons and googles is shown. They are mixing ingredients. It is a soap making workshop. Some of the people are standing straight, others are bent over the mixing bowl. No one is looking at the camera.

Get Involved!

We accept donations of new items on behalf of our Community Partners throughout the year. 

Accepted items (New/Unopened): Deodorant, Soap & Body Wash, Razors, Toothbrushes & Toothpaste, Kleenex, Toilet Paper, Shampoo & Conditioner, Formula & Baby Food, Baby Wipes, Canned Goods, New Socks; Open sleeves of Diapers and open (individually wrapped) Pad & Tampon boxes are accepted.

In the Spring of 2021 we launched a Community Action Group to further support our partners – we’d love for you to join us!